Thursday, October 7, 2010

hearts and minds

In the film Hearts and Minds a lot of the footage was to drastic for me. Being that I am very anti war, I can't believe people can be so heart less and hurt women and children. The voices that were most important to me are the voices of the civilians. I feel their voices are the important because they are in the middle of a war that they have no part of but the war is ruining their lives and land. I found the mass grave site very disturbing the way they had all those graves already dug and awaiting dead bodies as if they knew their people were going to die.
I think its not right how they exposed the Vietnam people in the films and photos. However on the other hand i feel that America needed to see the damage they were doing to Vietnam so people in America can try to stop it. I also believe that is why  president Bush didn't expose what was going on in the war on Iraq, because he knew that it would cause outrage with anti war groups in America.
I believe that the ideology of power led the United States into war with Vietnam. I feel that America wants every other country to believe that America is the most powerful country. I also feel that America think they can go to other countries and destroy land and then take it over. Basically America need to mind their business in cases where America isn't involved.


  1. I think you have a lot of good points. Actually what you said towards end- that America needs to mind their business in cases where America isn't involved. Could the same be said to the situation in Darfur, former Yugoslavia, and Rwanda? Should they be (or have been) involved then? Because of US involvement in some places where "they don't belong" thousands of lives have been saved, at the same time in situations like Vietnam thousands have been lost. I feel like the whole situation is super complicated:/

  2. I understand exactly what you are saying. Guess i should say America should mind their businees in cases where they are not helping the situation. Great point made. thanks

  3. I for one can def. relate to you because I'm pretty much anti-war myself. I found some points you made was very true within itself. It's sad and slightly disturbing to see civilians and mainly little children dead over non-sense. When you think about it America is nothing but some bullies as shown in this film wewent over there and tormented them so cruelly and for what?

  4. Sweets raises an interesting question: - Can U.S. military power also be used to promote humane goals, like stopping a massacre? Can a military do this, and if so, should the U.S. take this on as its role?

    Many who opposed the war in Vietnam went on to have very different views about this question. We'll see more about these questions later in the semester, and you might find that they apply to your country.