Thursday, October 14, 2010

research/ bibliography

While reseaching on the country of Jamaica for my research paper i found that Jstor was the most helpful. Jstor was very easy to function and also Jstor has the option to email the web page and the citations to your self. I also found some great culture and history about jamaica on google scholar, the information included pictures and very deep facts that I never knew.
I find the country of Jamaica very interesting because its so close to the U.S. and also there are so many immigrants from Jamaica leaving here in America.

My bibliography

1. Title:  Recapturing Distant Caribbean Childhoods and Communities: The Shaping of
the Memories of Jamaican Migrants in Britain and North America
Author(s):  Paul Thompson; Elaine Bauer
Source:  Oral History, Vol. 30, No. 2, Living with the Past  (Autumn, 2002), pp.

This article was about natives of Jamaica migranting to the U.S. I found this sorce on Jstor.

2.Title:  Population Mobility and the Survival of Small Farming in the Rio Grande
Valley, Jamaica
Author(s):  Amani Ishemo; Hugh Semple; Elizabeth Thomas-Hope
Source:  The Geographical Journal, Vol. 172, No. 4  (Dec., 2006), pp. 318-330
Publisher(s): Blackwell Publishing on behalf of The Royal Geographical Society
(with the Institute of British Geographers)

This article is about the effect that the U.S. has on farming in jamacia. I also found this sorce on Jstor to.

I really wanted to use Jamaica as my country however im having a hard time finding a time period and topic i would like to focus on. I will be changing my country to Korea probably. Im very confused and need to find a country soon because I need to get started on this paper ASAP.

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  1. Hi Lavaisha - This looks like a great topic. As you find more sources, add them and give your own summaries of their importance and relation to your question.